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The Corona Awards Program

For Deserving Historical Sites

    Websites which promote Roman history -- especially military history -- and the study of ancient culture may either be nominated or apply for one of our special Corona Awards.

Eligible sites are:

Aesthetically pleasing
Well-designed and easy to navigate
Significantly promote the study of the Roman army

See Eligibility for further details on scoring criteria.

See Nominations for information on submitting websites for consideration.

Corona Award winners are honored here.

Corona Aurea

The Gold Crown, awarded to excellent sites scoring at least 70 of 100 possible judging points.


Corona Civica

The Civic Crown, awarded to superior sites with a judging score of at least 80 of 100 points.


Corona Graminea

The Grass Crown, awarded to the most outstanding of applicants, those scoring 90 to 100 points.


Meritorious Website Award

For websites which are excellent, but not directly related to the Roman military.



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