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The Roman Army Comes to Life



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Our Mission is a military history encyclopedia, journal, and travelogue of the ancient Roman army.  The site is intended as a comprehensive, open-ended resource of articles, images, and maps.  We aim to foster collegial discussion of the Roman military, its weapons and armor, order of battle, deployment, warfare, and archaeology, among other topics.  

    Features include:

News and coming events

Articles and annotated essays


Concordance of primary sources


Academic journal, Roman Army Digest

Reviewed links

    Many aspects of Roman army structure, equipment, and living conditions are hotly debated.  We will make every effort to provide an unlimited forum for scholars and researchers, re-enactors, students, and the general public.  Visit our message board, Roman Army Talk, to make your opinions known and get the latest news on what's happening.

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    To explore the site, use the link buttons at the top and bottom of every page.  To get an overview, see our Sitemap.  To find a specific subject, use the Search Page.


Volunteers Wanted


    Each section will require the supervision of an Editor who is an able writer, good judge of others' writing, and knowledgeable on the section's topic (see Sitemap).  Self-education is as acceptable as formal education, if the prospective Editor is well-informed about the academic body of knowledge relevant to that topic.  Editors recruit writers, evaluate submitted articles for scholarly quality, and participate in the overall development of the site.


    If you are an adept writer, advanced student, or academic professional with a serious interest in Roman military history or archaeology, you are invited to submit your writing to us for publication in this website.  Articles may be of any length up to 10,000 words (longer by arrangement) on a topic relevant to the Roman army.  For more information, contact the Webmaster or inquire on the Roman Army Talk message board.  


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Soldier images in the banner above are of the Ermine Street Guard, one of the oldest Roman re-enactor groups in existence. 

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