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Roman Army Travelogue

    "I would enliven truth with the smile, with the anecdote; 
and, while I travel the long and dreary Wall, 
would have you travel with me, though by your own fireside; 
would have you see, and feel, as I do; 
and make the journey influence your passions, as mine are influenced."

-- William Hutton, an Englishman who wrote a book
 about his trek along Hadrian's Wall in 1813

Archaeological Wanderlust

    Live vicariously through the adventures of our chroniclers.  If you have a memorable journey you would like to recount, contact us.  Images and detailed discussion are welcome.

Köln, Germany: Römisch-Germanisches Museum (J. Cline, Oct 2000)

Rosenheim, Germany: "Römer zwischen Alpen und Nordmeer" exhibition at the Lokschuppen (J. Cline, Nov 2000)

Munich, Germany: Archäologisches Staatsammlung (J. Cline, Dec 2000)

Berlin, Germany: Pergamonmuseum (J. Cline, Dec 2000)

Berlin, Germany: Altes Museum (J. Cline, Dec 2000)

London, England: British Museum (J. Cline, Jan 2001)

[images and text will be added for each travelogue entry]



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