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The Royal Saiyan Empire

Hello again. This is king Vegeta again. this here page is the general Info. It explains the fighting system and the store and has some other useful Tips and information. It has some basic ground rules for fighting that the Rules Page doesnt so please read carefully. Also This explains the testing and explains the tournaments and the training and such so this is a fairly useful page so please read.

Fighting System
Ok. There are Two types of fighting system, I differenciate them by Aggressive and Defensive. The Devensive is Most popular But the aggresive is begginning to be used more and more. we will start with the defensive. The devensive is simple you use the /a when doing an action just as if you were in a Beseen chat, Be descriptive like this: /a jumps up and spin kicks him. In the defensive System the Defender Can now block the attack as long as he blocks BEFORE the other person Completes another action so an attack to block would be like this: Trunks775:/a jumps up and spin kicks him Vila113:/a Puts his arms up to block. That is the basic idea of Defensive Comabat. The second System is the Aggressive this one is for people who like Fast paced Violent fights. Basically the idea is like this it is just like the defensive system except, When your up close and you attack the only way to dodge is to pre-emptively dodge. Which means if he gets the action in before you move or block it hits so to oddge or avoid being hit you have to do something like this: Trunks775:/a jumps out of the way Vila113: /a Spin kicks him into a wall. thats the only way to dodge up close, when your far away, its just like the defensive system where you can dodge or block after the action has been done. this system provides Strings of attacks (tip: to avoid being nailed by a string attack i suggest this after the first attack that connects do this: Trunks775: jerks back a few feet from the attack. or something like that). Thats the aggressive system. This goes for both: NO MODING when you mode you are doing something like this: Trunks775:/aDarts at him and kicks his face. Thats a mode. Mode itself means Cheating in general. also there is none of this Trunks775:/a grabs neck Trunks775:/a breaks it. if you are reported or cought doing a cheap ass move like that you will be punished. so dont. if you have any questions as to this system ask me.

Training Rules

Hey Ho Members and soon to be members King Vegeta here. just popping in to tell you about the ground rules for Training. lets get this stright we cant just say /a does pushups /a 10 hours later finishes. Its cheap and stupid. Now another thing is, if you want to train in a heavier gravity then you can use public transports to go to planets with higher gravity bonus! OR you will buy a Gravity Room. Oh and if you use the public transports for anything but training you risk being severly punished. So Only use it for training. Now Gravity training is very effective but all around training is muc better. If your a saiyan beatings will help you out too. when yuor fighting in training if you kill the partener you will be punished. All Training sessions must be sent to me or you will not get your update so make sure you SEND IT to me. Thats goes for Beat downs too. Your PL Increase will be decided by ME and Me alone any arguments and you will not get credit. So just go with it will ya? amnd other questions just ask me!

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