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The Royal Saiyan Empire

hey Ho yall Just King Vegeta Poppin in to Give you the main deal on the RSE. This is the About Section and Now I will Explain the RSE. The RSE was Made About 5 years ago. It was owned by the previous King Vegeta then given to a girl named Jackal and then Given to a youngin named trunks. In the beggining it was a good rpg, a place where everyone was on all the time and everyone knew everyone and had good friendships and bitter enemies that made the RSE a good RPG. After a while it started to change, Jackal was given the rse and she changed it up a bit, still was fun an amusing. So not much to report there. Then Trunks be-bopped in and was given the RSE, after that the rse got better and better. But it wouldnt stay that way, although the member count sky rocketed and the site look got better, the fun dropped, the same feeling was gone the fire was burning out. Then Knowing he ahd screwed the RSE, Trunks Closed it, Put the Closed sign up and left. about 7 months later Trunks was urged to Re-open it from popular vote from old members and members that had wished to join. So Trunks changed his attitude and Took on a new name King Vegeta. So Now the Site is Being re-opened and and has the same RSE feel it had with a few extras. Enjoy
It has finally come...
Anime World Of Magic