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Welcome again This is King Vegeta again. This is where the RSE Chats are going to be Put We have the good ol RSE Spar and Chat ready for ya, and we will have Planets there too. Thank you and enjoy the chats. If your not a beseen member fill out the application it takes little time and its 100% safe thanks.

This is the Original RSE Spar and Chat the Gravity in here is a good ol' 1g WHOOHOOO. This is the chat wheer many members will get in and they will talk and get to know each other. Also some announcements may be made in here so i suggest coming in from time to time.

The RSE Spar and Chat

This is the Planet vegeta The Main Planet of the Royal saiyan empire the Gravity here is 100g's. I reccomend this Gravity to any mediocre trainer. SO this is the chat where all of the cool Saiyan Warriors vist all the time.

Planet Vegeta

This is Earth. This is the only place where Shenlong can be Summoned after you have found the Dragon Balls. So once you have finished your long hard quest for the Dragon balls just come and summon the stingy dragon!

Planet Earth

This is Planet namek. This place has Gravity of 50 times. This Is recomended for a trainer with SOME exp. so here is a good place to Train.

Planet Namek

Here Is the subtle Planet of the great Kaioushin. Its Gentle Grvity of 25g is a nice place for Begginners. here You can fight train or just relax as the gravity pulls you down. a good place for begginners.

Kaioushin Planet

This is the Planet Arlia, you know that place vegeta Blew up? Well Secretly, babi dee summoned the Great shenlong to create a new arlia to put his Race of Majins. But shenlong made a slight mistake and the Planets Gravity is Overwhelming, With its frequent Shifts and magnetic storms the Gravity has reached into the thousands. and th planets surface is filled with lava infested trenches and flying debris and rock, because of this mistake, babi dee abandoned the project and released buu on earth. Reccomended for highly skilled and strong warriors only.

Planet Arlia

It has finally come...
Anime World Of Magic