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Hey Ho Chicken Followers welcome to the world where Elves Steal Foxes and Chickens graze and Zombies are accepted members of society and Majin Buu is accepted as any normal large pink childlike blob; the Farmers are always disgruntled and high and their wives are catatonic from years of finger damaging cross work. Yes, these are the golden days, where any girl you meet loves it when you call them, Wench.

Hello again Chicken Followers. Chris Speaking Today I bring up a very important matter; Chicken Voilence.. is it just certain freaks of nature or is it within every chicken is a psycotic animal waiting for a mental trigger to reap havoc on all we hold dear? Well Thats what our brave Editor Chris is about to find.

Hello Chicken Goers! This is your Editor in Chief Chris Come to analyze the Chicken in labratory conditions. The Farm. I am here to find out if ALL chickens are violent. Here i go, and if i dont make it out I want to say it was a pleasure working with Chicken Productions. *walks up to a homely looking Chicken * Well Hello Chicken *pats it on the head* what do you th....*the chicken begins to bawk and knocks our fearless editor on his arse and the whole coup is startled* YI GODS! The truth all chickens ARE violent Help me GA *a breif moment of eery silence as The chickens trample with an occasional ughha oof aahh sorry fearless Leader Chris* ughhhaaa uhhhh

Well that was Infomrative and rest assure our hero and editor in Chief Chris IS recovering. He only has minor injuries, a crushed skull BIG DEAL, 8 vertabrae Cracked and shattered no biggie, as you can see he will be joining us again in uhh.. er not enough fingers for the amount of months he will be gone, lets just say he will re-join us after months of Excrutiatingly painful Physical therapy.

Well, A big good bye to you all from the Place Where Chocobo's Run free, Birdseed flows like wine and The Ostrich things of Joust Prance Freely... Thanks for visiting.

Oh, and for those who were wondering I am NOT insane.

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