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Hello again. This is King Vegeta just droppin by to tell you about how the Dragon Balls work. They will be hidden throughout the RSE pages. when you find them you click on them and they will take you to a page that has a small form, Basically it has a field for your name, and E-mail. Then I will be sent that YOU have the Dragon Balls, I will put it under your Member Stats on the Members Page. Then i will take that Dragon Ball Off that page and Then you possess that Dragon Ball. If you happen to be killed, the person that killed you steals that dragon ball and then I will proceed to put it in his or hers Stats that they possess it. and once all seven are collected you can summon the eternal Dragon Shenlong and Make your wish. Then they will be scattered across the page to be found again. Happy Hunting. *note: I have not yet put the Dragon Balls Up so Plase wait till it is said in the News Section that I have Scattered them. Thank you.*
It has finally come...
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