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The Royal Saiyan Empire

Hello. This is King Vegeta again. This is the Rules page you know,
that page everyone hates cause its got the restrictions? Well I have
to put it here or you'd all run Rampant with giant pl's. Anyway lest get
Down to business. All these rules must be followed or there will be lots of
Punishments, if you wish to defy them you could get the max penalty of
getting booted so Please follow the rules.

1. You must have money to buy Items Duh.

2. You must send ALL fights and Training to myself.

3. You cant justsay does 500 pushups and 3 hours later is done.
thats a no no.

4. Spar = no kill Fight = You Can Kill

5. No unauthorized additional pages to RSE

6. Training MUST be done in at least ONE RSE Beseen Chat

7. Follow ALL rules

8. You cant just Teleport all over to find the dragon balls
its not that easy. see the dragon Ball page.

9. You Cannot use special or trademark attacks from other characters.

10. You can only travel to planets if you have a space craft you can
teleport or someone teleports you.

11. no fighting your tested pl.

12. When your killed you cant collect the dragon balls. see me for details.

13. No using outside weapons or items

14. no using items you dont have or havent bought.

15. No destroying Public Training equipment or facilities.

16. no destroying facilities of RSE

17. It is not possible to kill doing this **breaks neck** or any other
kill like that.

18. Fighting People outside the RSE for training in the RSE or for money
is prohibited

19. Breathing in space unless your a species that can is Prohibited.

20. Taking over the Main Planet is Prohibited.

It has finally come...
Anime World Of Magic