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Elaine Savageau Godfrey
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Ah! Summer is almost here, bringing the return of flowers, sunny weather, cookouts, warm temperatures, and outdoor fun!

Support our American Troops!

We fondly remember:
William Leonard, 1919-2002
W. Randall Winter, 1944-2003
Mardell K. Winter, 1921-2003

We also remember Muffy Marie Savageau, 1988-2001
So where am I now? Norman, Oklahoma? Why there? The internationally-known University of Oklahoma's School of Meteorology is where I'm pursuing my PhD!

We're moving!

To find out more, please visit my new web page. This page is sorely neglected because I have developed a much newer one that is updated regularly. You can view it at:

Here's a picture of our "little" baby. We brought our 1928 Kimball baby grand home to us on November 26, 2002. She is the perfect addition to our home.

Christopher and I were married on August 3, 2002. We developed our own website, where you can learn lots more.
Here is an image from our wedding:

I'm glad you're here!

If you're a new or old friend, or even a first-time visitor, please be sure to sign my guestbook!

Here are some other photo journals you can visit, but there are more recent ones on my new site:

Oct 2001 New Mexico
September 7, 2001 Chase
June 2001 to OK

Hey Buckeye fans, take a look! Take the quiz! Do you bleed Scarlet and Grey? Let's see what you know about The Ohio State University!

Looking for academic eye candy? Ponder...

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