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So What About November?

Well, we all know that November contains Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving, but here are some other lesser known holidays coming up this month:

1 All Saints' Day
1 Communication Week
1 Day of the Dead
2 All Souls' Day
3 Culture Day (Japan)
3 Sandwich Day
4 Chemistry Week
4 King Tut Day
4 Shallow Persons Week
5 Guy Fawkes Day
5 Election Day U.S.A.
6 Ramadan Begins
6 Saxophone Day
6 Young Readers Day 
7 Republican Elephant
8 Cook Bold and Pungent Day
8 Punster Day
8 Pursuit of Happiness Week
10 USMC Birthday
11 Education Week
11 Remembrance Day (Canada)
11 Veteran's Day 
12 O.R. Nurse Week
13 Accountants Day
13 Children's Book Week
13 World Kindness Day
14 Claude Monet
15 America Recycles Day
15 Fast for World Harvest Day
17 World Peace Day
18 New Buffalo on the Block Day 
19 Full Moon Day
20 Children's Day, Universal
21 World Hello Day
21 Great American Smokeout
22 Stop the Violence Day
24 Bible Week
24 Game & Puzzle Week
28 Red Planet Day
28 Thanksgiving Day
29 Electronic Greetings Day
29 You're Welcome Day
30 Call in Well Day
30 Hanukkah Begins

 Aviation History Month
 Diabetes Awareness Month
 Georgia Pecan Month
 Native American Heritage Month
 Peanut Butter Lover's Month
 Sleep Comfort Month
 Vegan Awareness Month

So, now that you're enlightened, go out into the world celebrating and appreciating! Knowledge is worthless if left unused.

FYI: and has cards to most of these (and can tell you more!). However, only is entirely free to the public, as Bluemountain has changed over to a 'suscriber' format. Yahoo, MSN and also have free greetings to send!

Am I missing some important day or week? Email me!