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Savageau Family Information
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Savageau Family
Here are some pictures of some members of my branch of the Savageau family:
Left: Most of the Savageau family descended from Ernie and Gene Savageau. Taken at First Christian Church, Pittsfield, Illinois, following the Savageau-Godfrey Wedding in August, 2002. Click on photo to enlarge.
L to R, Back: Karen, Jimmy, Michael, Wayne, Danny, Barry
Middle: Brooke, Sherrie, Gus, Donna, Mary, Chris, Lynn
Front: Mark, Charlie, Cheryl, Elaine, Michelle, Grandma (Gene), Andy
L to R Karen, Michael, Brooke, Chris, Elaine, Grandma, Andy, Michelle, Mark, & Danny at Savageau-Godfrey Wedding in August, 2002
Grandma with Michelle, Danny, Mark and Michael
Gene and Bill Leonard, Christmas 2001
Bill was Grandpa Savageau's first cousin, and a Savageau that we greatly miss!
Charles and Cheryl Savageau, Christmas 2001
My parents
Sarah and Elaine trying on dresses, Spring 2000
Nussdorfer family at Epcot after Nussdorfer-Rejim wedding, March, 2002

I'd really like to get more online, as our family is much larger, but that's it for my digital collection right now. If you have some others, please email them to me!

I don't really want to put personal information up on the web, but if you'd like to communicate about the Savageau, Sauvageau, Sauvageot, etc. families, please email me.