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Weather-Related Web Sites

Weather Resources
Oklahoma Weather Roundup
Atmospheric Sciences Page at Ohio State
Chris's NCEP Reanalysis Page
Intellicast Radar Imagery
UCAR Weather Models, Satellites, and More
IWIN: Interactive Weather Information Network
ARPS Model page
SPC Case Study Archive
NCDC Storm Events & Radar Archive
Univ. Wyoming's Sounding Archive
FSL (Forecast Systems Laboratory) Sounding Archives
Unisys Upper Air

Weather-Related Institutions
University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology
National Weather Service (NWS)
NWS Norman
National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)
Storm Prediction Center (SPC)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
American Meteorological Society
The Ohio State University Atmospheric and Climatic Studies Program
UM's comprehensive list of Weather Sites (some are outdated)
Wisconson's Meteorology Department
Penn State ASP and Meteorology Graduate Program
University of Arizona Atmospheric Sciences Dept.
Florida State Dept. of Meteorology

Resources, Studies, and Information
AMS F-Scale Symposium, February 2003
ROTATE 2003 Project
NOAA's Tornado Page
"Highway Overpasses as Tornado Shelters" presentation
Weather for Teachers and Kids (NWS Tulsa)
BrainPOP --Cute animated educational videos

Web Pages of Friends and Family

in alphabetical order
Brad Barrett's
Christopher Godfrey's
Matt Haugland's Weatherpages
Jill Jacobs's
Kristin Kuhlman's
Kevin McGrath's
Kodi Nemunaitis's OU page
Kodi Nemunaitis's UNL page
Harold Peterson's
Savageau-Godfrey Wedding Page
Bob Weinzapfel
Bob Weinzapfel's Class

Some of My Personal Favorite Web Sites

Fox News
University Christian Church, Norman, OK
Cincinnati News and Info
Focus on the Family
Daily Guideposts
The Ohio State University Marching Band a.k.a. TBDBITL!
Look for R12 Andy Savageau, Assistant Squad Leader
University of Oklahoma
The Ohio State University
SCF Homepage (Ohio State)
Team Expansion
Tongue Tied
Units Conversion Page
Find IP Address Locations
Dr. Laura
Bill O'Reilly Radio Stations
Rush Limbaugh
FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)
National Science Foundation
Mountain Mission School in Grundy, VA
Restoration Movement
Locks of Love
Space Physics Research Lab (U of M)
Veggie Tales
Weather Affects
Citing Sources Guide
Jokes about and for Graduate Students! Including "Grad School Barbie"!

Fun Home and Crafty Websites

DIY (Do It Yourself) Arts & Crafts section
Family Time
Find any Recipe
HGTV Craft Pages
Home Made Simple
Hobby Lobby Stores and craft ideas
Jo Ann Stores and craft ideas
Martha Stewart Alright, alright, she's got some good crafty ideas!
Stampin' Up!

And Last, but not least...

Visit the Peanuts Web Site!

My developing OU webpage

My Dinky Yahoo Account Page

Are these links current? Let me know if they change!