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Savageau Family
Date: September 7, 2001

Well, now that I live in Oklahoma, it's about time for me to join in the Meteorologist's favorite pasttime: storm chasing. A really strong cold front moved through the Central U.S. on Friday the 7th, forcing up and out all of the hot and humid air we've endured here for quite some time. So, a bunch of the mostly new graduate students at OU and I decided to go out and see what we could see!

Here are some of the pictures from our trip:
(Sorry, I don't have any of the golf-ball-sized hail that nailed Anneliese's Jeep)

Here's the rotation we saw and filmed in both the clouds and in the dust on the ground. We're looking North of West. It's not really a tornado, but it's neat to watch!

This is looking to the right of the first picture, app. NW, up the squall line just before the gust front blew through. For some reason the news people to our left were telling us this is what we were "supposed to be looking at". I wonder how much they train those people...

Here's Bob and the news folks off to our left. Did you watch it? We were on TV!

Here's Anneliese being interviewed by the news folks. Talk to Chris--he got it on tape!

Here's Brad smiling after being interviewed on TV! He was having a good time!

Here's Chris and his videocamera looking off in the distance. The winds were very, very strong and his lens was scratched when it fell once. Bob saved it a few other times...

Our group: (minus the photographer)
L to R: Kodi, Anneliese, Michael, Brad, Bob, Chris

And that's the end, folks. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We enjoyed the weather: the wind, rain, rotation, hail (sort of), thunder, spectacular lightning show, and most of all just driving around following it with neat people!