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MUFFY The Cosmic Wonder Dog!

In Loving Memory of Muffy Savageau

Muffy Marie Savageau was certainly a dog of her own kind. An "All-American" (or Heinz-57), her personality was as diverse as her lineage. Nearly all who met her learned to love her and her captivating personality, even those who typically dislike dogs.

Muffy Marie Spike Savageau, 1988-2001

This is the infamous Muffy! Isn't she adorable?

This is a professional shot of our beloved Muff, taken just before our family left her in charge of Woodview Dr. to live in the Philippines for a year. But she was a faithful "Chief of Security" in the meantime, and was quite happy to have the family reunited once again.

Muffy really was the most wonderful and unusual dog. All who met her agreed! Never has there been a dog like her, nor will there ever be. It is a pity that dogs do not live longer, since they already share so much of our lives. For those of you who have met her, wouldn't you agree? For those of you who have not, I wish you could have.

Muffy was unpredictable, loveable, soft, fearsome, affectionate, anxious to go out, musical, hungry, a good lap dog, Chief of Security, playful, a study-buddy, hungry, almost-human, anti-social, an excellent learner, suffering from multiple personality disorder, full of tricks, and did I mention hungry? And this is hardly a glimpse!

Muffy was a canine with the gift of music.

Here she is singing along with Mom and the Entertainer. Whenever we began to play the piano (and as long as the fridge was closed), she would come running through the house to claim her spot on the rug by the door to begin her singing!

Muffy on Christmas Day!

Well, isn't she a doll? She had been groomed just a couple of days before, and they gave her that lovely Christmas scarf and painted her toenails bright red to boot!
Who said ladies can't look nice when they age?

Here is another shot from the same Christmas morning:

"What have you got there? Anything to eat?"

This is a shot of Miss Muffie 'the fierce' hard at work on the job as Security Chief, and was taken at Security Post One, located at the front stoop.

Ever on Guard

Her favorite hangout, she would often bark and plead with us to open the door for her to guard her territory whenever it was closed.

I hope this gives you a glimpse of what Muffy meant to our Savageau family. She was not just a dog, or even a pet. She was family to us. She was always my "little sister," and we loved her that way. I suppose now that the house is a little quieter, as is that spot in our hearts where we held her close.

Muffy Savageau certainly had a better life with us than on the Cincinnati streets.

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