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These pages are a collection of personal Poetry by assorted amateur Poets.


                                   (1241 bytes)Southern Wind, by Diana and Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)September Wind, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Mask of Many Faces, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Only For You, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Whisperings, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Masquerade by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Angel's on my Right by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Shadows of the Night, by Bob and Diana

                                            Combined Works, by Bob and Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)In Pride by Bob, Diana and Clyde

                                   (1241 bytes)Daddy Hit Me by Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)Across a Crowded Floor, by Bob and Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Morning Shadows, by Diana, Zee and Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)The Child, by Diana and Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)Not the Same As He, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Do you Believe? by Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)How can I be so blessed? by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Give me Wings, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Dreams of Futures, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)To Have Loved and Lost, by Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)I Left the World Tonight, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)He Walks in Shadows, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)Woman of the Mist, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)To Have Loved, by Bob

                                   (1241 bytes)She Walked Into my Life, by Diana

                                   (1241 bytes)I Dreamed, by Diana (2033 bytes)

Poems bydiana

Diana is a single Mom with two grown children. Writing Poetry and creating Webpages is her passion. Her former site was named "Fairy Dreams" until she recently went into semi-retirement.

Inspirational Poetry from Diana's former site. (30855 bytes) (2033 bytes)     

Poems by Bob

Bob and his wife Diane live in New York State. Bob's passion is Poetry and being published. (1241 bytes)"Timeless Poetry", Bob's home site.

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Clyde (6346 bytes)


Clyde is a recovered alcoholic and published Author who writes of old times. ~ Clydes Homepage (2033 bytes) (68269 bytes)

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