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Tears flow into the Southern Wind,

while memories flood my soul.

Where did you go?

Did you choose to leave?

Standing at your grave I cry out,

with finale questions I desperately ask of you...


I can only imagine now,

where your soul resides.

Can you still touch me,

hear my breathing in the night?

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

I am expected to cast symbolic dirt upon your grave .....


I hear kind words spoken by many strangers,

gently I wipe a tear from my saddened eye.

Can you feel the pain as I do,

the loss and the regret?

Listen to your eulogy,

"A finer man" they say, "they have never met."


All eyes are on me now,

as I cry out my undying love to you.

Why do they stare as if I am insane?

What do they know of our special bond?

Have they never had a love such as I?

"Hail Mary Mother of God",

this prayer we now pray for you....


Between a Daughter and a Dad,

from birth to death we loved.

Will you wait with silver wings,

opening the door for me to Heaven?

Guiding me into your new realm,

as you guided me into my place on earth?


The sun shines brightly,

as the preacher repeats your name.

The psalm's he reads in sympathy,

do nothing to dim this loss of mine.

" As I walk through the Shadow of the Valley of Death".

"I shall fear no evil".

And I shall fear my life will never be the same....


If I don't find you waiting for me in Heaven,

then Heaven it will not be.

If I don't feel your soul surround me,

then soulless I will be.

The love between and Daughter and a Dad,

starts at birth and does not end with death.

I know in Heaven you'll be waiting,

as if  you never left......


[C]bydiana2001 Permission needed to use this Poem.

Dedicated to Samuel my father.


The years don't dim the memories or loss I feel. My only prayer is that I will meet you one day in Heaven! With our Birthday's coming up and the Anniversary of your death... I mourn you all over again! The greatest tragedy of my life is still your death. How do I stop loving and needing someone I was born and raised to love and need? How do I accomplish this horrid task in just a few short years? And why do the people who are already "emotionally" dead expect me to? I'm sorry Dad but you were worth more than that!

Love to you ...

Your forever Cherished Daughter , Diana (7365 bytes)

My heart sheds a tear…

(for you Dad up in Heaven)....

Every time I see a picture of you,
My heart sheds a tear.
In knowing now,
That I cannot hold you near.

He left a void in my life,
When God took you that day.
He didn't say where you were going,
But I know it's far away.

I can still hold you close to me,
Even though it is only in my dreams.
I can only imagine you are there,
Still holding you close to me it seems.

No one else can fill this part of me,
When you went away on that day.
But God has you in His arms now,
Because heaven is where you'll stay…

Dedicated to my father who left this world for a better place on January 5, 1988. My memories of him are the best times of my life....he was kind, charitable, and loved his family too much....... 2000

Notice to anyone who has lost a Mother or a Father or knows someone who has who feels the same pain. Please email me your name with your Parents name and date of death and I will add it to this page. (18089 bytes)

Forever you are in the Loving Memory of your Children,

Samuel Stacy ~Diana, March 1999

George Thompson ~ Becky, August 1990

Wilma Thompson ~ Becky, August 1992

Rocco (Rocky) Macchia ~ Bob, January 1988

Howard E.Anderson ~ Cheryl, June 1993

Gladys Pritchett Hines ~Norma, Mary, Lil~March 1932

Ernest L. Hines, Sr. ~ Norma, Mary, Lil~February 1974

James C. Nabors ~ Paula, March 1992

Willie Nabors ~ Paula, January 2000

JohnJ. Zenga ~ Rosie, Camille & Pat, December 1991

Calvin Cansler Jr ~ Sharon, April 2000

Anton Hladina ~ Joe, 1962

Rose Hladina ~ Joe, 1994

John Radice~Donna & John, June 1971

Thomas W. Mack~Teresa, May 1980

Bernice T. Mack~Teresa, November 1995

David S.Wagner~Kyle & Chelsie, November 1996

Margaret Radice~Donna & John, June 1974

Mildred P'Pool~Linda & Michele, December 1997

Ovid Garland P'Pool~Linda & Michele, October 1980

Guiseppe Cipriano~Donna & John, March 1988

Raymond O Raymo~Beverly February 1982

Brenda Joyce Raymo-Seifried ~Beverly, January 2001

Joseph Thomas Kirk~Starfire (Sherry), May 1998

Earl A. Doddridge~Christine, October  1988

Doni-Mae Doddridge~Christine, December 1998

Franz Karl Honisch~Gisela, April 1988

Martha Julia Honisch~Gisela, December 1983

Rainer Bertram Honisch~Gisela, April 1945

Michael E. Stinich~Monica, September 1975

Elwood Cooper Miranda~Martha

Audrien Sarah Miranda~Martha

Harold Pate~Mary, January 1996

William Lyon~Marion, 1920-1980

Margaret McCloskey Kellander ~Crystal, February 1988

John J. Redekop ~Susan & Louise, December 1981

Fred DeGiglio ~Mary, April 2001

Lesley Wescotte ~Abigail Hiler & Garrett Taylor, December 2001

Veron Vincent Voss ~ Bambi, July 22, 2002

Edward Somers and Iva Somers ~ Martha Reed

Rebecca Reed ~ Martha Reed, Oct.27, 1991

Beryl H. Trumbull~ Linda & Kathy~ October, 2003

Rita M. Trumbull~ Linda & Kathy~ December, 1997

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