GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs



Clubs in the Southeast District - SED



Amsterdam Women's Club
East Springfield Junior Women's Club

Junior Women's Club of Barnesville
Upper Ohio Valley Junior Women's Club
Wintersville Woman's Club
Woman's Club of Mingo Junction
Ohio Valley Young Women's Club (Juniorettes, Steubenville)
Woman's Club of Steubenville
GFWC Belpre Juniorettes ACTS
GFWC/OFWC Belpre Woman's Club
GFWC/Hyperion Club of Nelsonville
Circleville Junior Women's Club
GFWC/OFWC Gallipolis Junior Woman's Club
Lancaster Junior Women's Club

GFWC/Internet Service Providers (OFWC Internet Club)
Proctorville Woman's Club