2014-2016 Ohio Theme:  Once Upon A Time: Women Through Time


            2014-2016 Ohio Junior Theme: A Thyme to Plant, A Time to Grow





Your club is a dynamic, powerful force in your community. You work to affect change every day. While recognition is not something you expect for the work you do, it serves an important purpose: getting the word out.  Public Relations cover more than just publicity. The term public relations describes the interrelationships between GFWC, its members, the general public, and other entities, including the government. Your club’s communications efforts are the vehicle by which you achieve your public relations goals.


Publicizing your club’s projects and initiatives lets your community know you exist and that you’re doing important things. It attracts new members and opens doors to worthwhile partnerships. It also assists GFWC with promoting the Federation on a national level. Clubwomen are encouraged to advance GFWC’s priorities, projects, public policy initiatives, and community improvement endeavors.


See the GFWC Club Manual for more detailed information at:  www.gfwc.org /ClubManual


Club Goals for 2014-2016:


  1. Establish the GFWC Brand in your Communications: Give GFWC a presence in the world

“Living The Volunteer Spirit” slogan was presented and chosen by the GFWC members   –put it on t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons, business cards, etc.

      2.  Create a Club Brand:  The GFWC brand is our image to the public—it’s the collective             GFWC identity that conveys an image of friendship and volunteer service to our target             audiences.  

  1. GFWC Stylebook: see the stylebook for GFWC LOGO requirement: http://www.gfwc.org/gfwc/GFWC_Stylebook.asp
  2. Ensure all communication from your club includes your branding.


  1. Make GFWC Part of your Club Name: GFWC is a Federation of clubs; therefore all individual clubs have a responsibility for the organization’s overall success. There is strength in numbers. By identifying your club as a GFWC club, we can prove our collective impact. Thus, all clubs are encouraged to use GFWC in your club name, ideally as GFWC {Club Name}.
  2. Use Ohio’s Correct Name: Our legal name is GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs and the slash is included in the name.  When using GFWC Ohio there is no slash between the two words.

5.  Appoint a Club Communication & Public Relations Chair or Committee:  
individuals to update social media, create the club newsletter, submit press releases, build community partnerships etc.  

                6.  Continue to Use (and increase) Communication Tools to Connect with                         Members and the Community.      

         *Newsletters: Club newsletters are one of the most effective and efficient methods      of informing GFWC members about projects, programs, events, partnerships, and      issues.  

         *Websites: A good website can be a key component in your club’s public relations       outreach, membership recruiting and retention, program development and                reporting, and operational planning.  Remember to link to www.gfwc.org and          www.gfwcohio.org!

         * Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, etc): Social         media  is a two-way street—you have the ability to engage in an interactive       dialogue. 


         *Business Cards

                     *Brochures, stationary, and other print materials: On the state level, we will                       create print materials that may be modified for club use.

                  7.  Create Community (Public) Awareness

        *  Use our current state themes to plan programs.

        * Celebrate Federation Day on April 24 and Volunteers in Action Week (the week        that includes April 24) with a publicity activity.

        * Host a special event to draw attention to your club and GFWC.  Examples:    , and     discussions Consider partnering with local organizations to expand your outreach     efforts.

        * Sponsorships: If you don’t have the resources to host or plan a special event,     sponsor a relevant event that someone else is organizing. Examples: Sponsor a     local sports team or Adopt a Highway.

                  8.  Encourage all Club members to subscribe to the FREE weekly GFWC News                         Notes email.

                  9.  Have FUN!  When you are having fun and enjoying ‘club work’ it’s easy                       to spread the word about all the great things our clubs do for our                       communities!    




Award and contest winners are recognized during the GFWC Annual Convention. A $50 award will be given to one club in the nation for creativity in implementing an effective Communications and Public Relations program. Certificates will be presented to one State Federation in each membership category to recognize outstanding efforts in implementing an effective Communications and Public Relations program.


Awards will be determined by entries into the Awards Program. Each State Federation may submit one State Award Cover Sheet and one Club Creativity Award Entry Cover Sheet for the Communications and Public Relations Advancement Area. Clubs do not submit entries to GFWC. The Communications and Public Relations Committee oversees three contests: Newsletter, Website, and Media Campaign. Cash prizes are awarded to the top club entries, while State Federations compete for top billing within each membership category.