Education Community Service Program


Objective: The GFWC/OFWC Education Community Service Program works to improve literacy and education awareness in communities at home and around the state.


Clubwomen are dedicated to promoting a commitment to literacy and lifelong learning by:


·         Encouraging members and others to foster and support educational opportunities for all ages in their communities.


·         Promoting and supporting Epsilon Sigma Omicron, an honorary educational society open to all per capita paying GFWC members that provides clubwomen with a structured reading program for self-enrichment and personal growth.



·         Educating members and others on ways to improve low adult and youth literacy rates.


·         Supporting libraries in their efforts to provide information, materials and educational  opportunities.


Program and Project Ideas:


·         Examine the factors in your community that may affect literacy levels. Consider the prevalence of learning disabilities, English as a second language or visual, physical or mental disabilities that inhibit learning.


·         Hold a “How to Use the Library” program for local and inner city school students.


·         Offer scholarships to local high school students.


·         Host events at and in conjunction with your local library; such as sponsoring a speaker or author, holding a craft session, or read aloud experience for children.


·         Recruit qualified tutors and pair them with tutor training opportunities in your community.


·         Start a local book club for club members and community members.


·         Donate books to schools and public libraries in honor or memory of loved ones.


·         Apply for a GFWC Focus on Literacy Grant to fund a literacy program in your community.


·         Hold a fundraiser to benefit the GFWC Disaster Relief - Library Replenishment Fund.

 Monthly educational themes:


     January:  Lifelong Literacy in America Month

     February: Library Lovers Month


     March:  Read Across America Month: Read Across America Day is March 2.


      April:  National Library Week is the second week in April.

      May:  Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8, 2015: May 2-6, 2016


      September:  International Literacy Day is September 8th


      October:  National Book Month; National Day on Writing  is October 20th

      November:  National Author’s Day (November 1st) and National Education Week is the

      second full week.



Epsilon Sigma Omicron:  ESOis an honorary educational society open to all per-capita paying GFWC members.  ESO provides clubwomen with a structured reading program that is educational and stimulates a desire for self-improvement.  ESO materials are available at


Focus on Literacy Club Grants: Literacy club grants of up to $200 are available to GFWC clubs and funds may be used for purchasing books for tutors to use, providing books to children and/or a variety of other literacy needs.  Refer to the application at for more details and other suggestions.



Founded in 1958, HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. TV Actor Hugh Obrien, with the encouragement of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, had created a prototype seminar for young future leaders. Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership (HOBY) was established.  These seminars for high school sophomores initially began in California and now have grown to include national and international participants at an annual 8 Day World Leadership Conference. Each state also sponsors 3-4 day Leadership Seminars. HOBY programs provide youth with unique leadership training to make a better world and a better society. Each program strives to follow the HOBY motto of teaching young leaders “how to think, not what to think”-creatively, critically, and compassionately.



Members can support HOBY by:

·          Encouraging local youth to participate as a HOBY volunteer by sponsoring an      informative session for local students.


·           Making information about HOBY available at local events.


·           Holding fundraisers to benefit the HOBY organization so that they can conduct 
  Leadership programs.


·          Volunteer for a seminar.


·          Sponsoring a student.





Contact Information:   HOBY International Office 31255 Cedar Valley Drive, Suite 327, Westlake Village, CA 91362, 818-851-3980/818-851-3999,;   HOBY of Southwest Ohio, Director of Development: Donna Sizemore (937) 241-6501,