Conservation Community Service Program



Objective:  Educate GFWC/OFWC Members and Communities about the importance of conservation issues on a local & global level. Motivate club members and the community at large to take action to help make our Earth more beautiful, recycle in all aspects of our lives and conserve natural resources.


Goal:                           Make our Earth a more Beautiful Place


  • Plant trees and green areas to help the environment
  • Plant native species for beautification and restoration of land and waterways
  • Plant flowers for libraries, parks, government buildings or cutting gardens to share
  • Start a Community Garden and share produce with homeless shelters and food pantries
  • Encourage everyone, especially youth to garden
  • Organize or participate in clean up days in your community


Goal:                           Recycle & Reuse in as many ways as possible




  • Promote use of reusable bags for all shopping
  • Promote curb side recycling
  • Donate Cell Phones to Shelters
  • Donate Eyeglasses to Lions Clubs
  • Donate clothing to charities
  • Participate in pull tab collection for Ronald McDonald Houses. Report pounds collected
  • Recycle books and magazines with friends, doctor's offices, waiting rooms & nursing homes


Goal:                           Preserve our Natural Resources


  • Educate your community about our natural resources
  • Encourage use of geothermal and solar energy
  • Learn about resources such as water, oil, gas and coal
  • Participate in Ohio River Sweep the 3rd Saturday in June
  • Go to American Rivers website to find other river clean-ups
  • Preserve Ohio Wetlands and natural habitats to protect wildlife
  • Invite local experts to speak at club meetings


Check for additional ideas and updates.


Important dates:  March 22-World Day for Water; April is Keep America Beautiful Month; April 22-Earth Day; April-4th Friday Arbor Day; June 5-World Environment Day; October is NationalNeighbor Woods tm  Month, November 15-America Recycles Day






Alliance for Community Trees



Alliance for Community Trees





4603 Calvert Road

College Park, MD 20740



P: 301=277-0040



When participating in GFWC Partnership programs, always mark donations GFWC.

GFWC is currently working on developing additional partnerships. Please, continue to check GFWC Clubwoman Magazine and online at for updates




GFWC Ohio Award:


Ohio Junior Special Project: The Circle of Life Award will be given to the club or clubs who have created a garden and used the bounty from it to improve their community.


GFWC Awards for outstanding programs in Conservation:

1.  A $50 award will be given annually to one club in the nation to recognize creativity in implementing an effective Conservation Community Service Program.


2.  A $50 award will be given annually to one club in the nation for innovative participation in the Conservation Community Service Partnership Program.




2014-2016 Student Essay Contest for Seventh Grade Students





     1.      Teachers, please relate to your students the importance of reading and creative writing.


    2.      Maximum number of words—200. Count EVERY word and put the number at the bottom of the left corner of the essay.  The essay must be typed on 8 ½ x 11 paper.  Another person may do the typing.


   3.      The contest is open to all current seventh grade students.


   4.      No more than (2) entries per club, mailed by the club president to your District Conservation Chairman in a 9 x 12 envelope.  Please enclose a cover letter with the entry and indicate how many entries your club received.


 5.      Each contestant must sign a contest release form found in the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Directory.


 6.      Entries must be postmarked on or before February 1, 2014 and 2015 to your District Conservation Chairman.


 7.      On the back of the essay must be the following information:


Student’s name, Parent or Legal guardian’s name, Parent Telephone Number, Student’s age,  Name of student’s school, City of Town in which the school is located and Sponsoring club’s name, city and district


 JUDGING GUIDELINES:   Judging will be based on the following:


          A.     Creativity                          70%


          B.     Composition                     25%


          C.     Neatness                            5%


          The decision of the judges will be final.




 1.      A panel of three judges appointed by the District Conservation Chairman will select the District winners.  District winners will receive certificates on Legislation Day.  First place winners will also receive $15.00 from GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs and be entered in the state competition.


 2      District Chairman will send the first place District essay to the Conservation Community Service Program Chairman, Carol Stivers - 617 North Second Street, Ripley Ohio 45167 by March 1, 2014 and 2015.                              


 3.      A panel of three judges appointed by the GFWC/ Ohio Conservation Community Service Program Chairmen will select the State winners.  State winners will be announced at the annual GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Convention.  The student submitting the first place entry will be celebrated at the District Fall conference of the sponsoring club and awarded $75.00 US Savings bond.  The Conservation Community Service Program Chairman will read the winning essay at the Convention.  The first place entry will be published in The Buckeye magazine, the official publication of the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs.  With the students permission he/she will also be featured on the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs Website at


4.      Due to distance and school schedules the student may not be able to be in attendance at the district level; however the sponsoring club might want to honor the student at a club meeting and present the award or at a school assembly with permission of the school.