GFWC Signature Project

Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention


Domestic violence affects individuals in every community across the United States.  It may include the use of physical and sexual violence, verbal and emotional abuse, stalking and economic abuse resulting in physical injury, psychological trauma, and sometimes death.



Goal:  Increase awareness and prevention of the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse             in communities across the nation.


·       Hold informational meetings for club members and/or communities.


·        Plan an event for parents about healthy relationships and what they should know about teen dating abuse.


·        Observe National Domestic Violence Awareness month in October, through projects in the community.  (Ex:  Candlelight/Luminary Vigil handing out purple ribbons, purple light bulbs, wearing purple at club meetings.)


·        Plant a pinwheel garden during National Child Abuse Month (April) to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.





Goal:  Step out into the community: 


          As you begin your new life and step away from abuse, we hope you will find comfort

           and warmth as you walk into your newly found freedom. (An example of a note of 

           support and encouragement that may be included in gifts to shelters.)                             


·         Donate socks, phone cards, slippers, pajamas, toiletry items, clothing, coloring books, etc.  Assemble First Night Kits, Birthday Bags, Anger Kits, snacks, cosmetics, and books.


·         Hold fund-raising events with proceeds benefitting domestic violence shelters.


·         Place shelter “wish lists in faith based facilities and beauty shops.



Goal:  Be creative


·         Make a simple bracelet to distribute or sell.  (Suggested $1-2).  All proceeds to go to clubs’ local shelter.  Attach information about teen dating violence quick facts.


Contact Sue Coppley for instructions in making the bracelets.



Goal:  Mindful of Elder Abuse and Care


·         Visit elderly in nursing homes at Christmas


·         Regular visits with elderly with no family or those in danger of self-neglect.



Goal:  Looking Forward


GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship.


GFWC will award up to eight domestic violence survivors with scholarships annually.You can make a difference in a survivor’s life to pursue their education, an career goals by supporting her through this program.  Application process opens in October and recipients are notified in May.



See GFWC web site: .asp



GFWC Signature Project – Partnership


Prevent Child Abuse:  America

Contact:  Beth Shaffer, Senior Director of Chapter Services


South Wabash Avenue, 10th Floor


Chicago, Illinois  60604








Purchase Pinwheels for Prevention



Ohio Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America:


Kristen Rost


Executive Director


Ohio Children’s Trust Fund PCA Ohio


4200 E. 5th Avenue


Columbus, Ohio 43219