The Pioneer Workers of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs united on October 16, 1912, at Athens, Ohio, during the 17th OFWC annual convention. Twenty women, consisting of Founders (women who had served as officers, club presidents or delegates at the OFWC organizational meeting at Springfield in October 1894), chairmen of standing committees, presidents and delegates of Federated Clubs who participated in the convention prior to and including 1900, enrolled at that meeting. All officers and members of the Executive Board who had served a full term of office were ex-officio members. The purpose of this union was to strengthen the bond among the early workers of this great organization.


On April 26, 1982, the constitution was amended to read:  "Officers and members of the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs Board of Directors, all chairmen of departments and divisions and of standing committees, The Buckeye Magazine staff and trustees of the scholarship funds and the Memorial Forest who have served a full term of office are eligible for membership". Meetings are held during the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs annual Convention.  Today, those who have served a full term as a Community Service Program Chairman are also included.


Action to confer Honorary Life Membership in The Pioneer Workers to each state president at the close of her administration was taken in 1946.Honorary Life Membership was also given to the eight living past presidents at that time. At the 1948 meeting, action was taken to honor The Pioneer oldest in active years of service. The first awards were made in 1949.  An appreciation Award is also made to that clubwoman providing outstanding service to the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs.


Dues are used to support programs and projects such as the memorial Forest Shrine or GFWC Headquarters' earthquake repairs, operating funds of GFWC/Ohio or for other projects deemed important by the membership.





The Blue Book of Distinguished Women was established in 1964 to honor those women in Ohio who have made significant contributions to their clubs, communities and state. A name to be recorded in the book may be sponsored by an individual or by a club along with a ten dollar ($10.00) donation. One name may be recorded more than one time provided a donation of ten dollars ($10.00) is submitted each time.  Each person submitted will also receive a certification of inclusion in the book.


Monies contributed is known as "The Blue Book Fund".  Today, The Pioneer Workers supports the needs of the GFWC/Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs through "The Blue Book Fund".  In the past, monies were used to purchase equipment for the office.  No longer having a central office, the monies are now used for office equipment for the GFWC Ohio Executive Committee. It is administered by the Executive Committee of the Pioneer Workers and the The Blue Book Chairman.