LListen                EEncourage                     AAssist               DDevelop


A Leadership style is a leader’s style of providing direction, implementing   plans, and motivating people.  Take my hand and I will lead you - Debi D’Apice


ü  Practice attentive and active listening, have patience.


ü  Be tolerant with people and process. Listen and check before acting.  Try to understand the people and the data before making judgments.  Be sensitive to due process.


ü  Share thoughts about personal strengths, weaknesses and limitations.  Be open about personal beliefs and feelings.


ü  Blend people with teams when needed. Listen and create strong morale.  Foster open dialogue.  Let people finish and be responsible for their work.  Define success in terms of the whole team.



ü  Have a positive and constructive sense of humor.  Be appropriately funny and use humor to ease tension.


ü  Earn their trust.  Be a direct, truthful individual with a helpful manner.  Encourage collaboration.


ü  Develop inter-personal savvy.  Relate well with all kinds of people inside and outside the organization.  Build appropriate rapport.  Use diplomacy and tact.




ü  Be ready to help, but don’t take over!


ü  Help marshal resources (people, funding, materials, and support) to get things done.   Use resources effectively and efficiently.  Arrange information and files in a useful manner.


ü  Clearly assign responsibility for tasks and decisions.


ü  Set clear objectives, monitor process, progress and results.


ü  Design feedback into work.


ü  Share responsibility and accountability.  Deal with problems in a timely manner.  Hold timely and necessary discussions.


ü  Trust Clubwomen to perform.






ü  Develop a rapport with all Club women.


ü  Use GFWC.ORG to get information and use it for improvement and advancement.  Be dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of Federation.


ü  Make good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment.


ü  Provide challenging and stretching tasks and assignments.  Hold frequent development discussions. 


ü  Clearly and comfortably delegate both routine and important tasks and decisions.


Small steps – let your personality shine through.  Don’t let public speaking frighten you.  Start out small...  Confidence will follow.


Committee Objectives:

·         Utilize GFWC Leadership section in the GFWC manual on-line.


·         Appoint a Leadership Chairman for each club.


·         Create a positive and direct link between GFWC and each GFWC/Ohio club.


·         Share your pride.  Nominate a phenomenal club woman for the JENNIE award and submit a nominee for the LEADS program.


District Chairman Goals:

·         Correspond with all Leadership chairmen in those clubs that have one.


·         District Leadership chairmen will have a Leadership display at Fall Conference.


·         Be available with your leadership skills to answer questions, give advice and present programs if requested.


State Chairman Goals:

·         State Leadership chairmen will have hand-outs and a display at State Information Day.


·         Will present “Leadership Workshop” during GFWC/Ohio Annual Convention.


·         Will provide hand-outs at State Leadership Day and Annual Convention for all in attendance.


·         Incorporate “Leader of the Pack” pride.




“I am woman, hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore”.