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Memorial Service for Paul John Gill -- 10/20/01
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~In The Palm of God's Hand~

Paul John Gill

Dad's Eulogy & Welcome
Memorial Service for Paul John Gill -- 10/20/01
Evangel Church

I welcome you this day, to this beautiful sanctuary, a place of peace, love, hope,
and Joy. In Honor of my son; Firefighter Paul John Gill.

I welcome all our family, friends and colleagues.

I especially welcome those of the New York City Fire Department, and uniform services who are our adopted family; who were brothers of my Son Paul.

And as we are all here today for Paul,
To show Honor and Tribute,
To contribute words of praise and love,
To testify of his good graces,
To acknowledge his creative abilities,
To tell of His Humor,
To tell of his Love for others,
To His bravery in helping people,
His Fearlessness in facing danger,
And the love of his friends and family-
especially his sons, Aaron and Joshua.

I want you to look around at all the people here today, and see the love.

I would want all to know the peace that is here in this place.

I want all to know and feel God's hope and joy we have, that is not of this Earth.

Today’s tribute is not only about my son, but needs to include all the others Who were taken from us.
There are so many heroes…………….

I want you to know, that the most important news,
the best news that I heard that gave me peace in my heart, was from a dear Christian friend, and I repeat it to you.

"John, Why are you grieving so! God was there!
He reached out to them all and said
"Come with me, there will be no pain or suffering for you brave men.
Come with me to Heaven !"

To God be the Glory !
It is well with my soul.

It Is Well With My Soul
Performed by Tony Delgado at Memorial Service

No Greater Love

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