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If I gave you the key to my heart
I want to ask you
What’s the first thing you would do?
Would you open it up to see
What’s inside of me?
You’ll only find yourself in there.

When you left today and you were out the door
I closed my eyes and miss you more than I ever have before
Even though you were only gone for a moment in time.

I close my eyes and miss you more than I ever have before
All these thoughts that are inside of me
Are all that I could ever be

My heart cries out to the poor, pizzaless people
Their hungry thoughts often drift to a pizzeria somewhere in the middle of town.
I often drop a piece of crust into their cups as they stand on street corners,
longing for the taste of the godly, triangular gift.

Just have this fear
That you’re not gonna’ be here
Couple of years from now
Life will take you away
And I’ll be left behind

Your wearing red tonight
I think you look alright – outta’ sight
What do you think of the man over there?
He won’t give up the stare –
That’s OK with me
I love the way you pull in their eyes
It’s no surprise…

When you compliment her
You compliment me.
Am I so blind
That I can only see.
Her pretty face on my mind
All the time.

On the stoop you got your hands in your face.
I walk on by every day – find you in the same place.
Are you a lonely girl? Do you need a friend?
You got me wondering all day long…
Something’s not right – what can be wrong?
Are you hurting inside? Can I lend a hand?

You’re in my thoughts and it doesn’t seem right
As I often wander off into the night
I feel your pain, yet I can’t explain.
On the stoop you were holding his hand
I guess I wasn’t meant to be in your plans.

So I sit down and take a rest
Trying to figure out what’s for the best
And as I look up to see – you looking back at me.

Don’t cry, I’m here –
Fall into my arms, I’ll catch your tears –
As the sun goes down, I’m always around…

I found a time when there is silence
Only thoughts are about me.
Creating music in different ways.
My eyes are open to see.

Holding hands underneath the rain
No umbrellas about us
Splashing feet into the streets
Hands are strong together.

Laughing at things that feel so good.
People staring contently
tracing outlines of times so right
I just want the memories
Wasting moments of precious time
Let's just lock the door and turn the keys

I came to see what was down by the water,
what was making all that noise.
My mind was blown by the ocean's thunder,
its majestic elegance and poise.

The waves came to greet me with clapping overtones.
Nature's music orchestrated by the setting of the sun.
I laid down and covered myself in the blankets of the sand.
My body fell deep into the heart of the land.

The water came softly, flowing and drinking.
The noise was calm; smooth and thinking.
The changes were cool, warm and breathing.

The void was open and I crossed to the other side.
My mind was full with colors as I grabbed onto the ride.
I saw the preachers running through circles of silent prayer,
Erecting structures of out earth's gentle, modest care.
We escaped through the valleys without much to spare.

The children all started to cry.
Why is the water falling from inside?
The pools of winter are starting to subside.

The great bears of sunrise are running and leaving us.
The mountains ran to another earth.
We begged them to say and protect our birth.

I was down by the river with my hand stretched far and near.
The ripples spoke in questions as I began to hear.
I am just as much as water as I am a tank.
With powers to destroy planets and the universe.

I am the sun, the moon, the stars, the eclipse within your head.
I am all the lives who were once playing with the dead.
Come to me and breath into my oceans.
Look in my eyes and feel the emotions.

Sleep again, go ahead.
Lay your head down by my bed.
Lay yourself within my arms.
Go to sleep with a rainbow charm.
No alarm
Just peaceful sleep.

Take your shoes from off your feet.
Lay away and close your eyes.
Your dreams are your surprise.

Go to sleep, sweet princess.
The day falls into the night.
Close your eyes in comfort,
I'll protect you from the fright

As the sun cuts through the sea
It sizzles up the waves
Like the sound of honey bees.

My soul's on fire for your sweet sandy shores
But your love's like a tidal wave,
knocking me clear across the floor.

The beauty of the eyes frighten me
Skin so soft and smooth
Innocent and free. I'm scared.

Did I create this?
I'm responsible.
How can I help?
What do you want?
I will help. I'm here.

Should I hold you?
Do you want something to eat?
Or is it time for Bed?

Slides & parks & rides to the country.
Swings & bats & balls and fun.
I will provide.

You are me and I am you.
We are one.
We are the same.
You are you and yourself.
I will be here and you will be there.

I love my kids.

The story of a boy.
I was sitting near a pond;
Frogs (a)leaping; bugs buzzing.
Cattails all over. To myself.
Total silence.

People over there, skipping rocks on the water
breaking my concentration.
I was the ripples. I was the wind.
although the wind rose quietly through my mind.
breath was time. Pulses were eternity.
Nothing was infinity.
Don't disturb what's going on in the woods.
We have no business there.

She's always there. She's always here.
My beautiful baby. I'll always care.
I'm always falling, but she will catch me.
How much comfort can I take?
Sleep in her breast like a child.
Nights from running wild.
Her arms are always open.

You're my wish that came true
I tossed my coin into the ocean blue
And you were by my side.

A home, a place, a star, her face.
Comfort, security, light & grace.
A bed of beauty, everything in place.

Waking to the moon and holding hands.
Windshields splashing rain, no pain.
Driving away, no place at all.
Walking away, nowhere to fall.

Laughing at things that nobody understands.
Playing and talking, secrets only we know.
Private love, hungry passion, joy, delight.
Within our circle we grew; love will flow.
Chairs are set. People gather, amazed, looking, walking away.
We kiss and don't notice.
Games of innocence, pleasant sleep.
Always, thinking of you, thinking of me.
Mountains away, we'll always be.
Hearts combined.

Say for a moment you saw a place in me,
a place of comfort and simplicity.
Put your hand on the City and look away.

At the table you sit and read
what's inside your cup of tea
you turn the leaves
and close your eyes
what is revealed
is no surprise
from the table to your lips
you take a sip and put it down
you feel the warmth inside your soul
and now you know what you have found - Yourself

Marching band carousel
crawling like a tiny snail
spinning to the rusty nail
in the center of it all
like ice cubes in a tray
stepping in formation
playing their cymbals
in the back of the band
watching the puppets
and licking away at ice cream

I want to peel away your eyelids
and get into your dreams
Let all the balloons loose
Watch them slowly fly
up and away they go
So say goodbye

Copyright © 2001 - 2002 Family Gill
All Rights Reserved