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My Little Brother, he came into my life when I was just 15 months old.
Till then, I was once the center of attention but not for long ‘cause his cries were so bold.

He moved into my crib as I graduated to a bed.
And as soon as he started to crawl, he followed my toddler steps when I led.

We shared a room, bubble baths and toys,
Until the point I realized girls were different than boys.

Nevertheless, we always found some common game to play
And we were faithful playmates to each other when our friends were away.

Eventually our groups of friends became shared entities
After all, we went to the same school, church, youth group and parties.

As the big sister, it was my job to keep an eye over little brother,
Usually being called upon by elders to report his behavior to our father and mother.

But we entered our teen years and to one another we made a pact - -
How much mischief and trouble could we cover for each other without getting caught in the act?

Oh what great times we had -- jokes, mischief, laughter & fun.
Sometimes with our friends, and at other times, just one-on-one.

Time to grow up! He got married and I moved far away.
But with each visit home, we’d make plans to once again play.

With his two sons in the park, or over dinner listening to his crazy antics and wit.
Not having him in my every day life as when we were younger made me miss him every bit.

I moved back home, two years before the colossal tragedy.
Little did I know the enormous grief ahead of me.

In those two years he remained to be the best of little brothers,
Till the day he fulfilled his life calling to be a hero and saved the lives of so many others.

Paul is joined with 342 Brothers who worked with him on that fateful day.
We will remember them all as they too gave of themselves in the same heroic way.

My little brother, he came into my life on April 11, 1967.
Now he’s my little angel watching over me from heaven.