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John Gill, Father

Welcome to this website honoring my only son,
Paul John Gill, one of the 343 firefighter heroes who gave his life saving others on September 11, 2001.
Paul was only 34 years old
and the father of two young sons, Aaron & Joshua, when he was taken from us.

We have created this site to honor & remember my son and to celebrate his life. America and the world came to know Paul as a hero -- one of the hundreds of brave and fearless firefighters who, on the morning of September 11th, willing and unhesitatingly entered the depths of Hell to save thousands of people, and who, soon after, passed through
the Gates of Heaven.

But Paul was so much more to so many other people
who love him and will miss him forever --
a father, son, brother, husband, stepson, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and firefighter brother to New York's Bravest.

Paul was a very energetic and fun loving child who grew into a kind, caring, brave young man with a sweet nature and a gentle soul. It was these qualities, combined with fierce and unrelenting determination and courage, that led my son to become a firefighter -- to serve and protect -- to put the safety and well being of strangers before his own.

From early on, Paul loved sports of all kinds -- he was CoCaptain of his wrestling team at Martin Luther High School, where he won many awards and was undefeated in his wrestling career. He loved music, playing the guitar, basketball, roller blading, the beach, camping, the outdoors. Paul was a fan of the New York Mets, Knicks, and Giants.

Paul was also extremely creative and skilled with his hands -- as a carpenter, musician and artist. Although he had no formal training, he was especially skilled at drawing (including tattoos) -- an ability he inherited from my father. He was also a gifted and prolific poet. Examples of his artwork and poetry are included on this site.

This website is graced with many beautiful portraits, paintings, photographs, artwork and poems. I want to thank all the caring and generous people who so freely donated their time and talents to honor my son -- so many people all over the country & the world have opened their hearts to us.

I particularly want to acknowledge my wife, Georgette, who was determined to create this website and was lucky enough to find a caring, kind and generous woman, who lives an ocean away and who gave freely of her enormous talent and of her time to make this website a reality. Georgette and Patricia worked tirelessly to create this loving tribute to my son. Thank you, Patricia -- our kind & loving Angel in Holland! And thank you, my dear wife, who although was stepmother to my son, loved him with a mother's heart.

In visiting this wonderful memorial website, I hope you come to know my son, not just as a firefighter hero, but to know Paul as his family and friends did. This site is meant to be a place where his family and friends can visit to remember Paul, and where his future grandchildren will get to know him. Various pages on the site showcase Paul's talent as an artist and poet; display various awards, tributes and messages. The many photos tell the story of Paul's life. There is a special page relating recollections & memories of Paul by his family, friends and brother firefighters.

I hope you enjoy your journey into my son's much too brief life. My hope is that you never forget that each person who lost their life on September 11th was a cherished family member and valued friend who was greatly loved and is greatly missed.

This is for you, my son, till we are together again.

Love, Dad

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