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A Grandmother's Heart

Paul, my first grandson.
This little mite with the adorable smiling face.... when they'd visit us ...he was always ready to play: peek-a-boo; pat-a-cake or hide and seek.
Laughing, hiding behind a door where I could find him;
giggling that little laugh of his. What wonderful times.

Warm summer nights in the back yard, sitting on my lap, smiling up at me, going off to sleep...sitting him under big tree in back yard...giving him a big spoon telling him go to it and he would getting dirty all over with one of the biggest smiles ever... of course I took that picture (wondering if his parents ever let him get dirty) he got a lot of joy...from riding the little horsie tied to a tree limb in the back yard..

We'd go for ice cream with his sister Michelle where there were horses and cows and they could enjoy watching them, wondering which cows gave the chocolate milk.
Pa John would take them out early to see rabbits, squirrels, birds, sometimes with eggs in the nest.

Pa John would get his easel out and Paul and Michelle would be right there, painting their own pictures.
They loved playing on the grass, while we would grill the dinner.

When we'd visit them, Paul and Shelly would slip into our bedroom early with their record player. Sit quietly on our bed watching our every move (we'd pretend to be asleep) till they would catch us peeking at them... then (Sugar Sugar) would go on record player, and we'd be covered with all the love, hugs and kisses that only children can give.

I could fill a book with memories -- school came,
girlfriends, plays, piano lessons.

Finally marriage, two beautiful children and
his wish to become a fireman, which he did.

Paul had many talents and many friends,
and left us so many beautiful memories..

The last time I saw my Paul, I, said “I love you very much.”
“Please be careful.”

Ruby Gill

On August 19, 2005, at 1:05 p.m. "Grammy Ruby" was reunited in heaven with her beloved grandson Paul.

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