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The 9th Annual 2004 Poppa Lou Golf Classic Friends & Family Party

The 2004 9th Annual Kelly & Poppa Lou Trophies & Prizes


Some of the young golfer check the score board... 

...and then check out the prize table.

Jerry Cross, a Poppa Lou Golf outing founder says a few words.

The Comito, Farley, Parsons and Lorentz families enjoy the party.


Dave Scheffel and Dino Marelli enjoy the dinner.

Last year's champions, Team Dittus, toast to a great day and to next year.

Past champions, Team Howe strategize for 10th Annual Poppa Lou in 2005.

Which member of Team Kisielis had the most fun at the 9th Annual Poppa Lou?  

Team Scolaro and Team Hirst enjoy the dinner.

Team Flannery reunites with ski buddies Sue and Vince for the Poppa Lou. 

The NJ Teams, Backman and Powers and Buffy.

Ed Lorentz, Christian Comito, Ed Gunn Jr. & Fran enjoy dinner with two pretty ladies.

Ed, owner and founder of Blackhead, & staff pose for a photo between servings of dinner.

The Dennis, Ian & Fran Trio provide outstanding entertainment.

Gerard "Super G" Hawkins joins Dennis for a song.

Dave Scheffel adds his harmonica to the singing of Terrance, Gerry and the band.

More singing & harmonizing by the band, Terrance, Gerry and "G".

Liam adds his voice as Kenny Cross provides technical assistance..

Ian and Fran listen to an announcement.

Terrance takes a "power nap". 

Fran shares the moment with Terrance.

The Kisielis kids celebrating another outstanding Poppa Lou Golf Calssic.

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