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A Visit to the 1998 Poppa Lou Golf Tournament

1998 Winning Score Card

The Winning 1998 Scorecard: The Whiting/Jones Team

The 1998 Winning Whiting/Jones Team

Whiting/Jones Team Getting Trophy From Kelly Parsons

Bart & Jerry The Poppa Lou Founders

Bart & Jerry, The Poppa Lou Golf Classic Founders


Jerry, Ian, Chris & Bart's Team

Jerry, Ian, Chris & Bart

Bob, Skip, Brian & Frank's Team

Bob, Skip, Brian & Frank

Mickey, Robert, Fran & Patty's Team

Mickey, Robert, Fran & Patty

Mike, Markie, Joe & Jeff's Team

Mike, Markie, Joe & Jeff

Will, Ed, Debbie & Jerry

Donald, Chrissy, Carl & Linda

Who is that girl with Don?

Someone introduce that girl to Don

Patty, Buffy & Mickey Enjoy the 19th Hole

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