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You know how some fanfic authors go mental in their pre-story notes about how much they love feedback?

Guess what - it doesn't just apply to fanfic authors. J

My counter tells me I get perhaps a dozen to two dozen hits a day. Yet I get maybe two e-mails per month as feedback on my site. ?! It could just be that my counter is shit (actually, that wouldn't surprise me either J), but I really do love feedback. Perhaps you don't know what to say. Fine, now tell me using this guide:

* your name, and if you want, where you live
* if you have a website (Noromo/X-F related OR NOT!), it's URL
* what browser and what version you're using
* how you got to my site (search engine? which one? another site? what's the URL? Yahoo? Some other way?)
* how often you visit (every day? once a month for the new Feature? once every two weeks or so? once a week or more? every damn day?)
* your Noromo status (hardcore, fencer, anti - heaven forbid)
* what you think of my site's design (too hard on the eyes? Need to break up the text more? looks dumb? looks really bad in your broswer? takes too long to load?)
* what you think of my site's content (funny? shit? too much of it? not enough? any suggestions for future content?)
* any other Noromo sites that you like that you haven't seen me mention (don't assume I know about them and I'm just ignoring them! Chances are I don't!)

* anything my site needs
* any other suggestions (future Features?)
* and other critisisms
* any other requests
* any other comments

See how easy it is?! Feel free to email me at any time, I almost always reply.

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