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The Good, The Bad...and the Converted

What is The Blacklist? Sounds ominous, doesn't it? *g* It's nothing as terrible as that. In fact, The Blacklist is actually The Blacklist + The Convertlist + The Already-had-it-list. But that's not nearly as catchy...

So what is it already? It's a list of X-F sites that are NON-SPECIFIC, but have Shipper and/or Noromo options.

It's designed so that Noromos can see just where their allies lie; who the Noromo Option Promoters are and aren't. Combined with the Generic Letters page, Noromos can support NOPs and try and convince others to be NOPs!

What's a NOP? Someone who promotes, or offers, a Noromatic option. This Noromo "option" promoter could further be a NAP - Noromo Alternative Promoter (they have a Noromo "alternative" to a Shipper choice) or a NOOP - Noromo Only Option Promoter (they only have a Noromo option, no Shippie choices at all!) We like NOOPs the best but of course recognise NAPs for their Noromo support.

Keep scrolling and all will be revealed!





They who list Shipper options but no Noromo alternatives!
Send them the Blacklisting Email on the Generic Letter page.

Operation X
- In fanfic, has ONLY msr!! This is so clearly not acceptable!!
I have emailed Elise and she has not repsonded
Maintained by Elisa K

The X-Files Studio
- Has Shipper images everywhere but no declaration of Shippy intentions
Maintained by Dana



They who were Blacklisted but have seen the error of their ways!
Send them the Convertlisting Email on the Generic Letter page.

X-Files Miningco
- Listed Noromo links in response to the already-present Shipper ones
Maintained by David Swinney

Can you believe we did it?! We converted Yahoo! J Noromo Power @ it's finest! Woo hoo!
- There's no one to email - just be glad. JI'm so damn happy 'bout this!



They who already had Noromo options, regardless of whether or not there were Shipper options!
Send them the
Already-Had-It-listing Email on the Generic Letter page.

The Open Directory Project
- Looks like Yahoo, run by Netscape, works like the XFLP 'cept for everything. That link is to their X-Files section. They have a Noromo section as well as a very special subsection: other Relationshippers (ie Skippers)! Go them!!
Maintained by [lots of people]. Not sure who's doing the Noromo section, doesn't say.

- The "X-Files Fan Fic Addicts". Has "Noromo cure" for addiction and Noromo fanfic links.
Maintained by Laura

- The X-Files University. Get your degree in Noromo Studies!
Read more about Noromo Studies on my site, or visit the official page for it.
XFU maintained by Amy Lang, Dean of Noromo Studies is Reade

[xflp] X-Files Links Project
- Site of links, has an ever-growing list of Noromo links!
Maintained by Louise

Sparky's Doghouse
- Fanfic recommendations site, one link (of about total five) is the Acacia Archive. Sparky has a lot of prestige, and considering she recommends about 6 / 7 MSRs, this is a big deal.
Maintained by Sparky

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