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Picture taken by Winnemucca FCO Greg Garcia.
-My wife Meredith  lighting a prescribed fire near Rye Patch Reservoir in June 1999.

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Description (** New or Updated): Number of Pictures: Years:

Pictures Taken During the Fall 2002 FUTA Session  

5 Thumbnails 2002

Pictures From My Detail with the Jackson Hotshots  

20 Thumbnails + 5 Pic Slideshow 2002
Pictures From My Detail with the Jackson IHC Part II 24 Thumbnails 2002

Pictures From the 2001 and 2002 Fire Seasons  

16 Thumbnails 2001-2002

Pictures of Various Air Resources in Action  

20 Thumbnails + 3 Pic Slideshow 1996-2000

Pictures of Various Air Resources Part II  

16 Thumbnails 1996-2002

Pictures of Flame, Flame Fronts, & Columns

20 Thumbnails 1996-2001
Pictures of Fire and Flames Part II 16 Thumbnails 1996-2001
Pictures of Various Engines** 24 Thumbnails + 4 Pic Slideshow 1955-2002

Pictures of Firefighters and Wildland Fire Crews

20 Thumbnails 1993-2001

Pictures of the ATC Wildland Ultra XT**

15 Thumbnails + 4 Minute You Tube Video 2005

Thanks to all of the wildland firefighters who have submitted pictures for this site.  If you have wildland fire pictures that you would like to post on my site email me at I am always looking to add more pictures to make this a better website. 

All pictures taken by Dylan Rader (pictures where no credit is given) are free for any non-commercial use as long as proper credit is given.  Please email me if you are interested in using any of the other photographer's pictures for permission from them before they are used.

-Our sons Brooks (left) and Brandon (right) with Smokey Bear during Fourth of July Celebration 2000.

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