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Air Resource Pictures Part II


Helicopter 1 Bravo Hotel on the ground at the Pinkney Island NWR Rx burns. One Bravo Hotel dipping out of the Atlantic Ocean to hit a spot fire on Pinkney Island. One Bravo Hotel dropping on the spot fire. One Bravo Hotel flying by during ignition operations on Rx Fire on the Carolina Sandhills NWR.
T-488 on the ground in Winnemucca, this is a Single Engine Air Tanker. We used this retardant drop as an anchor point on the Keystone Fire south of Winnemucca in 1998.  Picture of a heavy dropping on the School Fire, just north of McDermit, NV in July 2000. Helicopter 82 Golf on the ground at Winnemucca.
Getting a lift by 1 Bravo Hotel to Rx burn an island on the Pinkney Island NWR. Tanker 488 dropping on a haystack that burned on the School Fire. Tanker 498 dropping on the Tungston Fire in 1999.  Photo taken by Derrick Rader. Tanker 498 doing a demonstration drop using water at the Winnemucca Airport in 1996.
Heavy dropping on the Tobin Fire in 1996. Helispots are always nice places to hang out, that is especially true at this one. Tanker 498 on the ground at Winnemucca. Tanker 498 dropping on the Button Point Fire near Winnemucca in 1998.

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