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Crewmembers and Miscellaneous Pictures

In the last 8 seasons that I have fought fire I have worked and been friends with a lot of great people.  Part of my love for firefighting comes from the bonds that you build with people when you work with them.  You often spend long hours together and these people become a big part of your life.  Most of the friendships that you build last over the course of your career.  Below are  some pictures of various crews and people that I have worked with fighting wildland fire.


Dan Y, Chet Fairbanks, and Dan Butler of E-2942 in 1998.  Photo courtesy of Dan Butler. Mark Nunez on the Dido Complex in 1999.  Photo courtesy of Mark Nunez. Mark Nunez and Kristen Calton on the Dido.  Photo courtesy of Mark Nunez. Mark Nunez and Seth Odell on the Dido.  Photo courtesy of Mark Nunez.
Kirby Stone of Pima BIA pulling hose on the Double H Complex in 2000. Everett Choate knocking down flames on a fire in southern Oregon in 2000. Branon White, me, and Tacoma Manuel.  The crew of 2931 in 1999. Me, Derek Messmer, and John Zimmerman.  The 1998 crew of 2931.
My brother and me on the Tungston Fire in 1999. Derrick Rader on the Tungston Fire in 1999.  Photo courtesy of Derrick Rader. Scott Strickler on the Moore Fire in 1994.  Photo taken by Mary Lou Rader. Branon White, Meredith Rader, and myself on standby at the Pershing County Militia Site in 1998.
The 1996 Winnemucca BLM Fire Crew.  Photo courtesy of Winnemucca BLM. Chad Lewis, Shawn Tuckett, Casey Domgard, Kevin Muchow, and Meredith Rader of Engine 6942 in 2001. A memorial for 5 firefighters that died on a wildland fire in 1939 near Orovada.  Sawtooth Mtn. is in the background. Mike Hendrickson and 2941 on the Tungston Fire in 1999.  Photo taken by Derrick Rader.

Mark Nunez on the Canyon II Fire in Southern California in 1997.  Photo courtesy of Mark Nunez.

Close up of the memorial from the above picture, includes the text on the memorial.

Kirby Stone on the Double H complex in 2000.  This photo was taken at about 0600, note the fire behavior.

Todd Holden when he worked for the Forest Service in Montana during the 1993 season.

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