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Air Resource Pictures

Air resources are used quite frequently in the Great Basin for suppression.  Type III Helicopters, Multi-Engine Air Tankers, and Single Engine Air Tankers are all utilized frequently when fire threats are significant and immediate suppression is required. Below are some of the pictures that other wildland firefighters and myself have taken over the years on various fires.  Check out the slideshow to see how a retardant drop from a heavy tanker works.


-This is a slideshow of 3 pictures taken on the Tungston Fire south of Winnemucca in 1999. The heavy tanker passed directly overhead and dropped from the saddle to the top of the hill. Notice the fire behavior after the fire hits the retardant line. Retardant is basically a fertilizer mixture mixed with red dye and water.  It is meant to decrease fire behavior enough to allow ground crews to suppress the fire, hence the name retardant. Most heavy tankers can carry about 3000 gallons of retardant that they can use for 1-3 drops before having to refill.  They are a very valuable tool for suppression on  the fast moving fires in the Great Basin.


Tanker dropping on the Prince Royal Fire located 30 miles south of Winnemucca in July 2000.  Photo taken by JP Marden of Winnemucca RFD. Another tanker picture thanks to JP Marden on the Prince Royal Fire. Helicopter 52-Golf refilling bucket out of a portable tank.  Photo taken by Dan Butler. Heavy tanker dropping, photo taken by Dan Butler.
Single Engine Air Tanker drop, photo taken by Dan Butler. Tanker 497 dropping on a fire in the Jungo Complex near Winnemucca in August 1999. Tanker 498 dropping on the Tungston Fire in 1999. Tanker 497 dropping on the Mill #2 Fire near Winnemucca in 1999.
Underneath a heavy drop on the Chimney Fire in 1999. Tanker dropping downhill on the Chimney Fire. Retardant laying down after being dropped in previous picture. Another drop on the Chimney Fire in 1999.
Last picture of a heavy dropping on the Chimney Fire. Tanker 498 dropping on a fire just outside of Winnemucca (year unkown).  Picture taken by Greg Garcia. Tanker 498 dropping downhill on the Tungston Fire in 1999.  Photo taken by Derrick Rader. Heavy dropping very low on the Clover Fire in 1999.  Photo taken by Meredith Rader.
Beautiful picture of a heavy dropping on a fire near Winnemucca (year unknown).  Photo taken by Greg Garcia. Picture of my wife and her crewmembers from Battle Mtn BLM in the cockpit of T-00. Photo courtesy of Meredith Rader. Picture of an Aerial PSD(Plastic Sphere Dispenser) Machine, which is used to drop ping pong balls on Rx Fires. Helicopter 85-Alpha doing bucket work on the Mud Springs fire near Midas, NV in July 2001.

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