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ATC Wildland Ultra XT

The ATC Wildland Ultra is a new type of wildland fire engine manufactured by American Truck Company that is built around a Tatra drive train.  The Elko District received the prototype design in 2003 for field testing.  I was the Module Leader for E-1932 from 2004-2005.  The ATC is a 61,000 lb GVW, six wheel drive truck that carries 2500 gallons of water.  It has a Type III  pump with an Odin CAFS and joystick controlled front mounted monitor.  The vehicle is also equipped with central tire inflation that allows the driver to control the air pressure of the tires when greater traction is needed. 

You Tube Video of E-1932


New ATC's at Grand Junction Driver Training in April 2005. (66597 bytes) Another view. (62265 bytes) San Diego FD ATC E-14. 65005 bytes) Side view of SDFD truck. (64001 bytes) Cab over tilt system on SD truck. (80028 bytes)
E-1932 supporting Eldorado IHC on the Esmeralda fire doing a burn out. E-1932 on the Esmeralda Fire in July 2005 near Midas. Even an engine like the Tatra isn't immune to hidden mud holes. Operator Tyler Hecht showing just how stuck E-1932 was. A view from the front of E-1932 stuck near Chicken Spring.
A view of the independent suspension of each half axle during creek crossing in June 2005. E-1932 showing impressive approach and departure angle capabilities. E-1932 E-1932 E-1932

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