Jerusalem: Places of Death and Burial

The Bible teaches that Jesus was crucified and buried in Jerusalem, rising again three days later to be seen by Hid disciples and by a number of other witnesses. The location of Golgotha, the place of His crucifixion, has been pondered and debated. It is not really important where He was crucified. It IS important WHY He was crucified. It was to serve as the supreme sacrifice for sins.

Gordon's Calvary

Though this site was not adopted until the 1800's, it has captured the imagination of many Christians who note the resemblance of the rocky crage to a skull and recall that the names Golgotha and Calvary are respectively Hebrew and Latin for "skull."

The Garden Tomb

Located in a nearby garden is a tomb dating back to the first century. It is empty.


On the slopes of the Mount of Olives, a cave was discovered containing a number of ossuaries, boxes containing the bones of the dead.

A Tomb and Stone

This tomb on the slopes of Mount Carmel attests to the Biblical description of a tomb with a stone rolled in place to seal it.

A Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Located only a few yards away from the traditional site of the burial of Jesus, this first century tomb shows how small could be the entrance and burial spaces of a Jewish tomb.

Burial Nitches in the Jerusalem Sepulchre

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