Journals of our Trips to Moldova

Moldova - May 2000

Moldova - February 2001

Moldova - December 2001

Moldova - December 2002

Moldova - May 2004

Moldova - March 2005

Until I was asked to go and to teach there in 2000, I had never even heard of the small country of Moldova. Wedged between Romania and the Ukraine to the northwest of the Black Sea, this small country of rolling hills has wedged its way into our hearts.

Moldova has had a long and turbulent history. From her early days as one of the outer colonies of the Roman Empire, she has come under the sway of the Tartars, the Turks, Romania and was for many years a part of the U.S.S.R. until its collapse in 1991. Since that time, Moldova has become an independent country.

Paula and I have now made several trips to Moldova to teach at the Moldova Bible Seminary. We've become close friends with the school's founders, Ron and Dorcas Helton as well as with the new president, Evghenii (Eugene) Sologubenco. We've come to love the seminary students and are delighted to have had a small part in equipping them for ministry in Moldova. These links tell the story of how that came to be.

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