The word Megiddo seems to come from a Hebrew root meaning alternately "to cut" or "to band together" (sometimes used in the context of mustering troops together as in Micah 5:1). The name of the historic city likely focused upon this second meeting as it would have been a fortress that protected one of the key passes to the valley of Jezreel. The city lends its name to "Har-Megiddo" (Mount Megiddo), more commonly known as "Armageddon."

A High Place

This great altar is remeniscent of the pagan "high places" described in the Old Testament. The altar was huge and made of uncut stones.

Gates of Solomon's City

This model shows the intricate defensive system that was constructed by Solomon.

Water Tunnel

The elaborate fortifications included a deep tunnel that allowed its citizens to obtain water from the nearby spring without leaving the safety of the city walls.

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