Scenes from the Land of Israel

Jordan River

The Jordan is a small river and, thanks to the diversion of its waters to irrigation needs, it gets still smaller as it winds its way southward.

Mount Gilboa

Seen from the east, Mount Gilboa was the scene of Israel's defeat at the hands of the Philistines when Saul and Jonathan were killed.

Mount of Olives

A group of pilgrims make their way down the Mount of Olives, following the same route Jesus would have taken during His Triumphant Entry.

Qumran Cave

Located a mere stone's throw away from the ruins that have commonly been attributed to the Essene Community, this cave was the location of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A Military Presence

Paula encounters a couple of young military personnel on the streets of Jerusalem.

The Good Shepherd

As a shepherd in Nazareth cares for a small lamb, we are reminded of the Good Shepherd from Nazareth who gave His life for His sheep.

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