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Welcome To My Japan Study Tour Travelouge. ^_^

This site best viewed in IE with Japanese Encoding, if you wanna read everything.

Updates:*I fixed the messed-up links in the gallery, too. ^_^* I have just finished posting all of the pictures in the album! Enjoy! This travelogue will also include unusually long journal entries from the week-long tour, as well as some background information on me! ^_^ I will also add a guestbook ASAP. I would really like to read your comments!

Travelogue under construction! ごめん

The Travelogue Part 1

The Travelogue Part 2

The Travelogue Part 3


Virtual Album

Roll 1: Beginning, Tsukiji, and Kyouritsu HS


Rolls 2 and 3: Ginza and Asakusa


Roll 4: Yukata Party, Tokyo-Edo Museum, and Akihabara


Rolls 5 and 6: Shibuya, and Nikko Village Edo Mura


Roll 7: Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, and Okonomiyaki Party


Roll 8: Komae, My Homestay, and The End


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