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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

This page best viewed in IE 5 with Japanese Encoding.

Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Roll 4

Yukata Party

‚ä‚©‚œ’©‚Č”Ńƒp[ƒeȂQ‚O‚O‚P”N!!! That's Mr. Rubin taking a pic. Letsee. Um, all the guys enjoying their breakfast yukata style? Good morning ‚š‘‚æ‚€ Lauren, Esmirna, and Claudia. Hi!

The Tokyo Edo Museum

Entrance On the recreation of the Nihonbashi bridge It's me! Edo period Kabuki theater set. Side view. (Those are wax figures, not people!) A view.

Model of Ryogoku Hashi A view 神輿-A mikoshi, portable shrine I'm on a 19th century rickshaw.. Lifesize model of a home in WWII time. View of Nihonbashi from the bottom (Just imagine the floor is the river.)


Akihabara! A video game/anime fan's paradise and electronics mecca! Wow! A great shot of a Final Fantasy 10 preview. Ray shows off his new Gameboy Advance!

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