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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

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Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Roll 7

Meiji Shrine

First gate 「'ケ居」 to the path of Meiji Shrine The pathway to the shrine A small stream off to the side Before one enters the area of the main shrine, one may ceremoniously purify oneself at this water basin. Entrance to the shrine area We gather for a small group photo.

The Meiji Garden

A teahouse by the garden path Hidden to the side is a stream with carp. This is what I call an intricately vegetated lake. Various plants were put here and arranged to live naturally. An example of keeping the garden's surroundings all-natural: This bamboo structure serving as a handrail along steps made of treetrunks.


A Harajuku street, Kiddyland to the left! Crossing the street, it looks like Shibuya...what's that store to the right? More streets...

Back to Shibuya

Shibuya!! 楽しい By now you've guessed that I like taking eye-level street pictures

Okonomiyaki (Whatever-you-like-it-to-be Omlette) Farewell Party

We eat and drink. Cheers!「カ・quot;パイ!」ビールb痰ネい...お'モナす What's okonomiyaki, you ask? This is okonomiyaki... better than IHOP Esmirna, Miguel, and Ray at my table Lauren, Jennifer, Hye-jin and Claudia Stephanie shows her grilling skills- Tokyo!! Yay! It was Esmirna's birthday! She got ice cream as a surprise ^_^

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