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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

This page best viewed in IE 5 with Japanese Encoding.

Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Rolls 2 and 3

Claudia and I visit the Ryokan's garden ^_^ Same pretty garden... Ray in his, um, PJs, with us. Me (looking geeky) in a yukata.


I'm a big 携帯電話 (cellphone) fan! Check them out! Ginza! A street corner in Ginza. On the streets roam cars and cool looking people. The newest gas/electric hybrid car, by Nissan I think More of Ginza!


a closeup of the Kaminarimon lantern at Asakusa gate Sensoji temple Asakusa Kannon Temple gate. (Temple to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.) The Asakusa arcade inside the gates of the temple A store full of good luck kitties! More novelty items I didn't buy =P Getting closer to the main gate.

The Temple

The main gate to the inner Sensoji temple The Sensoji Temple. It is of simpler design then the gates, ne? The pagoda to the right of the temple. I try out the famous incense burner in front of Sensoji

Finally, the main entrance to the temple. I try out the おみくじ (omikuji). I got a good fortune. A fountain near the temple Pagoda view from temple entrance

A statue of The Kannon, but not yet sure, ごめん The Kannon and another diety A section of the area where mothers and schoolchildren are having an outing

Behind the Gates...

Entrance to inner gardens and living areas of the temple A turtle in the garden's lake. Beautiful view of garden's lake Another view of garden's lake with stone lantern View of specially selected plants and trees to decorate the garden View of pagoda from garden's lake View of pagoda and house from lake Main temple house and living quarters Writing on panel near ceiling of house. (Don't mind Miguel's vid-recorder)

Back to Ginza

The streets of Ginza--again! Ray playing Samba de Amigo! More cool けいたい phones! I'm playing a keyboard sim game! ^_^ Cool night scene that looks cooler in person...

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