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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

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Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Roll 1

The Beginning

We arrive at Narita! Check out Narita Airport... Bringing so much luggage on the train to Tokyo Scenery! There are so many fields of rice paddies. Houses compliment the scenery Our first Tokyo city--Cool and busy!! Ueno atop an overpass

Welcome to Ryokan

=)  Road to the ryokan. Narrow & steep street in Bunkyo-ku Tokyo. Our first dinner! Lots and lots of Tempura. ウマ~~~イ! ^_^ Our nice quiet little ryokan room with futon laid out =) Me in the garden simple tatami lined room w/ shoji screen. シブイ。 The Akamon to Tokyo Daigaku!! along the street around our ryokan. note the traditional architecture and modern buildings inside. 東京大学の赤門。


The busy Tsukiji Fish Market! Those big fish are tuna. There's 100s of them! More tuna... The many food & fish shops in the market large Kabuki theater in Tsukiji hosting this season's popular play


Rubin-sensei assigned me to present a gift to the Kyoritsu school principal I present the present... He accepts the gift! of course. yaaay 大野校長先生にギフトを上げる Posing with the gift Um, ok... I think I remember this... Ono Kojou, middle, Kochou sensei.. no Ono Kochou sensei... um, err... That's Rubin-sensei in the middle!

Whoa!!! The *entire* Japanese Classics class we stayed in for 3 hours ^_^* me, two cool girls, and 1 of their PHS ^_^*

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