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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

This page best viewed in IE 5 with Japanese Encoding.

Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Rolls 5 and 6


Shibuya!!! The famous loyal dog of Shibuya. I think it's called Hachi. Not-so-good picture! Shibuya. Hyejin, Lauren, and I taking some pics with cool guys! The original Club Sega. Another bad night shot in Shibuya.


Nikko, 2 miles out of Tokyo. Beautiful scenery from our train ride. More rice paddies... ...And even more rice paddies. A lake, otherwise great to look at if that...thing were not in the way. アーッ きれい! The great green high hillside of Nikko. More great hills with houses at the bottom.

Nikko Village Edo-Mura

A red shrine gate near the entrance. One may feed a crazy mob of carp over a bridge. Yes, those are hungry fish! One street in the village こわいー! We get scared in a 'haunted house'.

Samurai Drama

We watched a live Samurai drama! The defenders of a castle on stage. The attacking soldiers wave banners (?) prepare for war. The red-haired leader duels against the defending soldiers! Exciting! A cannon is set off--twice! The defending samurai try deliver the deathblow to the enemy... ...But he happens to escape.

Let me explain. The attackers torched the castle and the samurai thought that their families all died as soon as they saw the smoke. After a very long dramatic performance, the samurai all killed themselves in perceived defeat. However noone died in the castle. Then the women from the castle come to find them all dying. Aww! Luckily, two guys lived and that's how it ended! The samurai, led by a female samurai, all do a dance to a traditional song depicting their lives. うつくしい。They dance before the tall hills of Nikko A green river in the village.

More Plays

Wow! A ninja play. There's the hero of the play. The blur on the right is an attacker swooping in from a rope to attack the old ninja. Cool! On the left, our young hero, and the right, the funny old ninja- his sempai?

A pretty Water Magic Show! 水が多い! The grand finale! Lauren and I pose with the EdoMura mascot. 犬だか、猫だか分からない! A play about the Geisha (seen here!) Look at those tall geta! Rubin-sensei is picked to get on stage! Pretty pic of the Maiko geisha posing. ほら!右で...ルビン先生だ! It's Mr. Rubin in a samurai costume to the right! He takes a picture with Maiko-sama! すごい...

A group picture owith the geisha! Yay! Go Japan Tour 2001! Another group picture!! ニュー・ヨーク日本ツアー2001年! On the train back to Tokyo, we meet a cool guy (a stuntman in a Western amusement park?!) and our whole group takes pics.

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