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Travelogue Virtual Album

Welcome to my virtual photo album, my visual tour of the Japan Trip Travelouge. ^_^

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Hover your mouse over any pic to see its captions. Click to get a bigger picture! Enjoy!

Roll 8

To Komae

We eat a super-fancy breakfast at a western style hotel called Kizankan A cloudy view from the hotel... A cheery train! Going to some...happy place?

Komae High School

A co-ed kendo class in the school's huge gym. Our guys try out the bamboo swords-is that me? We meet our homestay buddies! Mine is Kayoko, on the far left. ^_^

The Homestay with Kayoko's Family

I'm at Kayoko's house with her mother, and the dog, Momo This is Kayoko's mom's English classroom/calligraphy room. Her two younger sisters Kana, 13 and Yukako, 10. I try calligraphy ^_^* かぞくはよく「うまい!」って...

花火 ~Fireworks

The family and I went to the nearby riverside to light fireworks! The mom and Kana Kayoko poses with a sparkler! Lighting fireworks must be so fun on summer nights ^_^ We went to Kayoko's grandparents' house. They were so nice and interesting! 家はきれいでしたね

Morning After Homestay--And The End! ~_~

Going back to Tokyo, a glimpse of the Tokyo Dome More of the last site to see. My nice host family bids farewell to me! !_! And one last group picture! ひこうきから「さよなら」! Goodbye from the airplane... ^_^

The End ~ おわり

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