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The Crystal Gate

Welcome to the cyber home of Bonnie Cehovet - writer, Reiki Master and professional Tarot reader. Within the walls of these rooms are the whispers of the many and various twists and turns that my journey has taken me on. You will find a cart to your left with coffee, tea and pastries - choose as you wish, then come and join me here by the fire. As we gaze into the dancing flames, I will show you how to journey through the doorways into my world.

We see a scene begin to unfold in the middle of the flames. The voices are soft but compelling. Men, women and children sweep through the countryside, in ever changing scenes. Here we connect with different parts of ourselves - our intuitive selves, our emotional selves, our physical selves, our spiritual selves ... and the shadow self that we try to keep hidden and even deny - this is the room of Tarot.

Our attention is drawn away from the fire to the scene outside the window - rapid changes are happening - flat land turns into mountains, barren desert becomes an ocean ... ever present the voices of the inhabitants. The voices of the earth, the sky, the water and the air. The voices of the trees and stones, of the animals that grace the land, water and air - the voices of All Of Our Relations. This doorway leads to the voice of Shamanism.

The very air around us is changing - there is soft music, and ghosts of our forefathers float through the room. The lighting is a soft pink, and there is a feeling of Peace and Love. This doorway leads to the voice of Personal Empowerment. Here we have the experience of new and wonderful life options opening up before us.

Turn just slightly to your left - yes, there you go. Hear the soft music, and feel a sense of love and protection around you. This room is where we meet our Angels and Guides.

Close your eyes, and feel a soft warmth enveloping you.A wonderful, warm white light surrounds you.You feel all of your cares leaving you, as a sense of perfect health prevails. This is the room of Reiki.

Look at the table to your right - yes, the one with the small stones laid out on it. See the symbols on the stones. What do they say to you? Look into the eyes of the Ancient One sitting behind the table. This is the room of Runes.

You feel tired, and so you lay down on the bed that appears in front of you. As you close your eyes, the sure knowledge comes to you that you will be visiting other times and other places. This is the room of Dreamtime.

There is a voice in your head - a soothing, positive voice. It takes you by the hand - you feel no fear. This is the room of Affirmations and Visualizations. Here you will learn how to overcome the negative voice of self, and take control of your future.

As this scene fades, another comes in. You are in a bright, bright room - every surface is covered with stones of every imaginable color and size. As you reach out to touch them, you feel an immediate connection. Each stone tells you its story, and you immediately know where it should go in your life. These are your allies - this is the room of the Crystal People.

As this scene begins to fade, you start to hear chanting and sacred music. You see flickering candle light, lovely flowers and softly scented incense. This is the room of Ceremony and Ritual.

To your right the wall is opening to reveal a cozy room with a computer in one corner, gracious seating groups and books of all manner and description. One *knows* that this is a room of knowledge. This doorway leads to the Author's Corner.

I thank you for gracing my world this day.

Mitakuye Oyasin - For All Of My Relations.

Personal Lifestyle Reading - I offer a Personal Lifestyle Reading using Tarot that looks at past, present and future influences in your life, at the energies that are currently available to help you along your path, and at those energies that are appearing as challanges. My goal is to offer you insight into your decision making process, as well as tools that you can use to both better understand your path and make conscious, choice centered decisions.

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